A collegue from high school just reminded me of this poem long ago. Hmm.. i am not careful to read the words aloud to myself, because my ex would surely love me to heed my own advice, otherwise, are u feeling emotional or sentimental, or some remincing? enjoy this poem and a  oo I didnt […]

I know, I talk about dating all the time when am I gonna zap up or suck up to my ex who pisses the hell outa me so we can reconcile and get some bitchiness off ma blog, ryt?Well its my blog 4 chrissake and I write what i wanna, but u r right, If […]

i am used to things,the running into stuff and things,getting caught up in things,mushy, mellow and muddy stuff  i am used to the hecklingand a piercing scream in the day yes i didnt do it right again but I never do it right anyway.  then I will be scribbling in my notepad,at times sinking my face into […]

the semester has moved so fast, i have just found myself trying hard to beat deadlines. Project  documentations, the project code, competitions , finishing assignments and everything else in between.this sem,may have been so because I might have probably slacked my tether seeing that it is the end of school semester for me and my […]

yesterday i was talking to a woman, a special one; she got me thinking much, in some fronts i call her mom cos she is docile and quite accepting as a true mother (well she is) just not my own, we had a heartfelt conversation, i talked more than some people ,my friends would have […]

I have recently understood how weird  i am and my ex cum bff (not so sure which) can attest to this. I mean he’s really a gud guy! You know after all my bitching and then i give him a break and come back to poke, like those hateful pokes you get on fb, why […]

i feel jammed. i feel kinda trapped. Not a great way to start a semester. I am still indecisive if by any chance am happy being home or at school.the most whack holiday ever, it’s a pity this had to be my first post after a break.so wat is hamming my head pointless? I am […]

i had an amazing easter, talking of spending lots of my dad’s cash out and about, and not only that but i had a lot of time to reflect about this season, amongst which involves dumping my boyfriend.Y’all know me of course i will get lonely along the way and sometimes envious but still dating […]

It has been a while before I have watched some really good movie. I love  the movie “In Time”. I don’t know what was going through the mind of the scriptwriter, but for sure it is a movie that brings to life the adage, Time is money. It is well scripted a very well thought […]

i have lost a deal of readers, I am not impressed. Anyway I love you all ghost readers.Beautiful Monday here, I am fine, just wearing a cream shirt and a flowered mini and cream heels, you know cream always takes me to a place where the princesses reigned.It’s a pretty place, I feel so vintagey […]

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