Frustration Galore

Ahem, snide remarks may follow.Rated PG.

I cannot help myself but complain, yell,curse on my insides, and the drama that boils within me can only be summed up in the maladie i feel right about now-Indifference.I am currently employed, two months old, at my place of work. My first job, you can imagine the excitement, since I didnt stress too much to find it, in other words its called favour of God.

Ok grab a stool, this may be a long story…

So why am i venting?I mean isn’t it every graduate’s dream to find a job?even if it doesn’t directly link to your qualifications? even when you haven’t hustled so long?A job means independence right? from whoever, parents especially?Right.

So month 1- it was bearable,i was excited, I made testimonies upon testimonies of How the lord has been good, {of course He still is}. I was on probation for one month, mostly idling around and waiting for lunch tym and making a departmental visit, after which I receed into my office,shut my door and sleep, wake up to go back home. well that was manageable since I also had to give a report to the CEO once in a while, soi had something to keep me on my toes. The excitement built and everyday on fb, i would say how my boss is the best of the best. {until he went on leave}

End month and the CEO flies out for leave.He leaves me under the care of marketing manager, and to cut the long story short.I haven’t had to do anything sincee my ceo went away and I truly miss him.

Because my supervisor!!!woop woop, I dont even need one worrd to describe him…he’s evil/snide/a bore/bulshitt Idk

Ok so he’s such a poor communicator and irritating as well.

So ndrama ya jana,

A customer walked into my office, being the only marketing person in the premise, I tried my best to help him out.Apparently an employee who just resigned knew about details of un-supplied materials to his firm and nobody else seemed to have a clue…excepth the finance officer- who refererred to my boss, saying, he should be well versed with the procedure so what did i do?

I called my boss, not less than 5 times, to ask him on this matter, but well he didnt pick up.I asked around for me who would help and nobody gave me clear answers.

I had to release the customer that i couldn’t help him.,saying my boss wasn’t around and promised to het back to him in 48 hours.{I INTENDED to keep that}.My boss doesnt even reply on time to an email query.

blantantly he told me to get myself out of that matter….just like that,and not poke my nose in matters that don’t concern me.

Phew.Kuna watu na viatu kwa kweli 😦



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