WELCOME TO 2013: Valentine’s Premier

2013 as a year as proved to me like the beginning of my life. in just a short while, the month of february has also aroused its tentacles and time has basically zoomed past me.In these few months, God has surely blessed me and seen me through it, I feel like i have finally set myself out of a rut and now i am aiming higher.

At the strike of midnight of the dawn of 2013, I was excited and welcomed the year on my bed with shrill deafening joy. and the next day i was keen enough to jot down a plan for myself. and to write the infamous new year resolutions and through it all, and I have been so particularly amazed at the power of will.

I mean in my life, i had gotten boxed to a role of everything in between my parents and my siblings, from nanny, housekeeper, and all imprintables and I remember myself willowing in misery everytime everyone was around, and caring too much about people who didnt have an ounce of respect for me and bearing the brunch of not always doing enough and I quickly transitioned into a point-a-finger routine. Everyday felt like report writing about people who annoyed me and generally keeping scores of all wrongs.

the best thing to have happened to me this year was to have a job that I began barely a week ago and now i can finally think of moving on with my life and having nobody to stop and the circumstances by which i was employed are indeed very unusual and strange but in a good way. For which reason i have been unable to get over the testimony.

First, this is my first job and am yet to graduate. i was employed with a good attractive salary with a car as benefits and this job which I am not qualified for and sometimes I question my ability to even deliver, but I think I am lucky to work in a multicultural company- that is my workmates are Indian and the CEO is the most supportive boss ever.

I mean, i have got some reactions from other workmates about my ability because i was replaced into sooo big shoes I wonder how to fill in them, but the faith that my boss has on me is just so amazing, I sometimes feel like it is a dream.

I console myself that with life, you have to face challenges, sometimes u win while at times you lose, and also nothing is iMPOSSIBLE, if my predessesor did it, why wouldn’t I…

if you are so amazedly blessed, you should never question God, because his blessings add no sorrow.
Psst: So tomorrow is Valentines?

I mean I have been thinking of moving out so bad and finding a house and earning a salary, I hadn’t had time to be lonely… or worry about a boyfriend. i am in a good place and this mojo must continue.

I luv my life ryt now.


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