Baby steps

i am used to things,
the running into stuff and things,
getting caught up in things,
mushy, mellow and muddy stuff

 i am used to the heckling
and a piercing scream in the day
 yes i didnt do it right again
 but I never do it right anyway.

 then I will be scribbling in my notepad,
at times sinking my face into the pillow,
tryna make some stingy tears soak
and at times scared to make unspoken words run.

 i am used to doing this this way,
your way I probably mean,
 but now am taking some steps
baby steps if you will,

 I am on a journey of self discovery
a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step
ryt, even a feeble, an unsteady one,
even though I stumble, i’ll  surely steady

sometimes I feel a slack and an anger
when I dont fit or when guys dont like me
 My confidence dips near a towering beauty
sometimes even near an arrogant bitch

still i will go forward, baby steps
in the route of self acceptance and reducing the people pleasing debacle
Baby steps for a better esteem


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