THERE I SAID IT: that was well.. i didn’t really say it but i just love that i wrote that. How do you tell someone right in their face that they’re “big fat freaking looser” wouldn’t they burst out laughing and wonder what the crazy hell is wrong with you!! Never risk it,if u think it will look ridiculous,NEVER, that is from me to you!

But anyway, that is something i have wished to tell my crush turned obsession, that is he was such a loser, am sure he would retort i was such the sucker, but who cares now that we both lost. I mean i don’t have im. usually I don’t easily concede defeat, i would never say I lost, but well with him it was ridiculous.

See I am one of those people who don’t easily get attached to things, all of it is the same, but some things come once in a lifetime,like a dream trip to paris or..a camera ..or..well,lemme stop there, and i tend to cling to such nice things, like an eligible bachelor-turned dream husband or a very very good friend.

In this life of mine those two pieces of gems haven’t been easy to find and did u also know ,i am very jealous.someone who’s meant to be mine can not be shared by others, so if i realise my duo friendship is turning into a trio, i call it quits, i would rather lose u than share you, ain’t i so jealous? TRUE!

So well the dear people in my life have been few! I know but i really do cherish them in my heart.

isn’t it easy to tell a jerk how dumbass he is! well not always but it is easier than professing love to a total stranger, somebody you know not how there thought process churn garbage in and out. I haven’t been one of the world’s luckiest ladies in that department of telling of the joys of the heart. not many girls are, but what i have never seemed to understand usually are the thinking patterns of guys ,until to some point in my life, I resolved all the men in the world are frogs except the prince;my prince,the one i have never known or may never see.
But oh boy, men sometimes make my heart feel like melted butter especially my cousins who sometimes are the only lens through which i can preview a man’s complicated world.

Ok World my cousin is in love and he isn’t denying it.
I think one of the few firsts i have seen and oh gal,the way he descibes her, is the way every girl dreams of.
Ain’t i envious? of course i am, but I am so happy for him


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