outgoing or not?

this morning,well twas a great morning. A morning is great in our house,if and only if,you can find me with my mom in the kitchen,chatting. yes we were chatting. So i was telling ma that i sound more fun than i really am when writing,poof,my covers are blown! and that i look like the kinda girl you can pick up on a random  date at whichever place and i would gladly go, yep i sound like that.
i also sound like a girl who wouldn’t have qualms about paying the bills on the first date,  my cousin thinks so and o that and this, also i sound like I would spend my weekends binge drinking all weekend, Friday through Sunday. And for some lucky jamaas,guys, they think i am this cute girl who has no problem getting her hands dirty or even have the time to applaud my crowns.
So far so great. Truth is I don’t have a cyber personality, it is just that i write more trash than i am willing to try. period. well maybe i am ,but..well if u have authoritative and disciplinarian parents like i do, you have to know where the border is at.

So recently, we girls of maseno primary class of ‘04,8 years down the line we decided to have a get-together party.More of like the show off party and as obvious,your truly, me, decided to hype the event like a bush on fire.
I had great ideas for the party,obviously stolen off the television because I haven’t been to a real party or a girls’ out party in my 20 years of living. blame it on harsh economy, lack of crazy friends and major insecurity about town. These are just excuses.

But of all my crazy ideas,i have always fancied a karaoke party with less guys, so that there’s minimal risk of sexual sins and  lacing of drinks. A house that doesn’t smell of burn out cigars or alcohol. A night that ends in no hangovers and just basic fun.

When guys are involved, i prefer movies, not soaps, not horror, just action oriented and smoochy, like Nikita or troy. or a mix of of comedy for popping of popcorns. A drink like coffee should be served and a few smoochs are allowed in the privacy of the dark, beyond which your butts will be shoved to the door or washroom. have mercy on the single one.

 With my boyfriend (imaginary for the moment), an ideal date would include a walk in the park, holding each other so close,feel his heartbeat.Savouring nature and sharing quick bites. i love eating while i walk. Time is saved,cos i am multitasking.A date for me should be an affordable affair, not cheap nor extravagant. talk of cutting your coat according to your cloth. so packed lunch ,sodas, icecreams, see cheap..er.. affordable and fun

back to the get together, all those girls are assholes, they refused to turn up because the hosts didn’t wanna cook. the 21st century girl hates the kitchen all made excuses of why they wouldn’t turn up . so me and a few other bunch who were to be hosted, turned up; 3 of us,doesn’t that suck? I mean I wanted to see how well others were doing and how much better than me they were while offering to MC for the event, then 3,I mean 3!!!! I was disappointed. What made it worse, this girl Viola,you know the kind that loves to blow her own trumpet even when it is unneccesary, we are an odd pair,no same likes, no same experiences and blah bla,c nothing,just same school and class. She goes on and on on how she likes drinking, she knows  the best clubs in nairobi, strip clubs and this and that and in my mind i am thinking, Shut up Bitch, how’s school?

So when it dawn on her that clubbing is not a cup of tea to me as it is to her,she ,well doesn’t shut up, just reduces the velocity of her speech and goes like,Nina,you aren’t like imagined. I imagined a straight-talking, karaoke bitching, people lover person and all that, which i gladly am but also a rock climbing, bible preaching, moody bookworm  girl,just not a clubbing,beer drinking and look-at-me naironian girl.

So at the end of my narrative I tell ma,I seem so outgoing online than i really am,
which she curtly answers, “But you are outgoing”
I was confused.
But now i know, i am open minded and outgoing and loving and outgoing and above all chaste. To me fun isn’t just drinking, or guys and highly priced clubbing. Fun to me is affordable, enjoyable and with no hangover.

maybe am a bit naive, or a little less outgoing but that is me.

How do u have fun?


  1. My compliments for your blog,I invite you in my photoblog “photosphera”.


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Great post! I love movies like Troy also, and kereoke sounds like fun!

  3. good work!!!we havw much in common just that we hardly talk

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