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Merry Xmas

it is the time of the year again, when it snows in America and shines in Sydney. The people in north don red and white caps while the southern people ready in their bathe suits to test the warm waters of the atlantic and the indian oceans, some people sadly have to stay put under […]


THERE I SAID IT: that was well.. i didn’t really say it but i just love that i wrote that. How do you tell someone right in their face that they’re “big fat freaking looser” wouldn’t they burst out laughing and wonder what the crazy hell is wrong with you!! Never risk it,if u think […]

woohoo;happy Tuesday morning

how are you blog world? I know I missed you,i hope u missed me too.Mondays aren’t the best of days,luckily yesterday was jamhuri day;independence day for kenya so i kinda had a long weekend and guess what i talked the least last monday..another shitty family story,you gotta coax me later,if you wanna listen.i refrain from […]

Maybe I never really did grow up

Maybe I didn’t.There are times, i  am that kinda girl you wanna screech at my face and tell me how dumbass stupid i am, sometimes you wanna say with some bitchy face,attitude and claws, oh you’re so naive. i wouldn’t really admit, and besides you’d never get the joy cos i ‘ll most probably give […]

this is my wish for christmas

I realised christmas is coming on fast, given my exams end exactly 5 days to christmas on the 20th. God has been good to me, i can’t complain. the year has been blessed. Still a girl has got to dream and wish, if the prince won’t come, maybe a gift box at the door,don’t u […]

achy achy eyes

 this is me with itchy and aching eyes. Apparently i had the wrong mascara on or I am yet to learn the tricks of the trade. I had an exam today ,end of semester exams started today for me and in the exam room i was sobbing black tears uncontrollably onto my white sweater. bad […]

outgoing or not?

this morning,well twas a great morning. A morning is great in our house,if and only if,you can find me with my mom in the kitchen,chatting. yes we were chatting. So i was telling ma that i sound more fun than i really am when writing,poof,my covers are blown! and that i look like the kinda […]

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